Diesel Generator Problems & How to Repair Them

Diesel generator Problems crumble for many reasons. Knowing some of the main problems that can occur will help you determine what to look for and try to prevent. Having information about the best solutions will prepare you for correcting and repairing your mills if any problems arise, letting you face as little downtime as feasible. In industrial settings, generators want to run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively to power the necessary equipment. In Industries, the diesel generator causes problems like starting trouble, which may give headaches to workers. There are six Diesel generator Problems and solutions. 

  • Battery failure
  • Leaking Coolant
  • Low level of fuel
  • Inadequate level of oil
  • Impure Air Filter
  • Control Malfunction

Battery Failure:-

Battery Failure

 If your generator stops intermittently or won’t start, you need to check – your electrical board. Usually, it is always a dead battery. So, a standard generator battery can last for years before needing to be replaced. Always Make sure the batteries and chargers are. Moreover, cable connections feeding to and from the batteries are in good condition and handle before operating your generator. 

Leaking Coolant:-

Leaking Coolant

 Diesel generator Problems The cooling pipes of the generator face a lot of damage due to high temperatures. Definitely This issue is leaking coolant issue. During regular maintenance, always check the tank pumps and fuel lines for cracks to ensure everything, it’s working to protect your generator’s health, and check your coolant pipe every two years.

Low level of fuel:-

Low level of fuel

 If your generator is a body, fuel is its blood. Low fuel in your generator won’t start and it will end starting trouble. If you are sure to check the fuel level and add more fuel if you think your generator needs it.

Inadequate level of oil:-

Inadequate level of oil

 Oil is most important for the smooth functioning of your generator. In spite of your generator oil level is low, it might be strange noise and not even work perfectly. You should avoid this at all costs and continue to lubricate your generator with oil from time to time. Genset manufacturers in India suggest this as well.

Impure Air Filter:-

Impure Air Filter

Air Filters annex the generator’s outer unit and It is just as important as the heart of a diesel generator. However, if your air filter is not clean, it will impact the functioning and lifespan of your filter. So, confirm if you check and clean your filters at least once every two months.

Control Malfunction:-

Control Malfunction

 Still most of the Diesel generator Problems will have a control panel that you can use to rectify the settings. The control panel will display risky generator information, such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery voltage, etc. Extremely many of the System calls about control panels turning off to be human error. The operator failed to switch on the automatic controls. However, if it’s another control panel issue, a skilled technician can fix it for you quickly.


Generator maintenance, as to be, helps your machines function for a long time so that you can execute all your business’s necessary functions. Most maintenance points to some of the time included. There are top 5 signs your diesel generator needs maintenance

  1. Alarm:  Firstly every time you can run the generator, make sure no alarms and warnings happen.
  2. Fluid:   You can check and top up fuel levels once a week and the oil and coolant levels once a month. Check through the machine to make sure there are no fluid leaks.
  3. Startup: Every week check to guarantee the generator is in “Auto” Mode.
  4. Battery:  Every month check the battery charger to guarantee the battery is in working condition.
  5. So what is the fifth sign? For More info Visit us.
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