What is Seamless Switchover in Diesel Generators

Lots of people will ask about Seamless Switchover in Diesel Generators. Well, we will go deep in this article and why mainly people need an Automatic transfer switch for diesel generators.

Every diesel generator user must know about seamless Switchover. The seamless switchover is nothing but emergency power or backup power which is needed spontaneously when a power shortage occurs. The power supply will act as one power supply to another power to a loaded circuit to the constant and trustworthy process of important loads. 

Thus the Switchover is used in important places where electricity is needed. If the transformation fails it will affect the two troubles which is a short circuit between power failure and the power supplies and end in big trouble.

The power shortage not only causes financial losses in business it will stop production and cause a big issue.

Industrially developed countries use transfer switches for instant power supply.

Seamless switchover consists of two parts which are the controller body +regulator. The controller body is divided into a PC which is the integral type and CB is a Circuit breaker.


PC is the three-point level and one-piece structure. It is a unique switch for double control switching and It has many advantages like a simple structured switch, short in size, self-interlocking, quick switching speed within 0.2 seconds, security, and trustworthiness.


A seamless switchover provided with overcurrent release can be connected to break short circuit current. It is formed of two circuit breakers and automatic interlocking, with a short circuit security process.

This control is used to process the working condition of the two circuits of the power supply. When the power supply fails it means phase loss, low voltage frequency variation. The controller starts the job and sends the step to start the switches. The main automatic switch will receive the signal from one power to another and start to work.

The capability of the backup power supply is generally only 20% to 30% of the standard power supply.

When an Unplanned power shortage occurs, the generator must be ON. To provide power again you must switch the main switch or grid onto the diesel generator the switch must be used.

There are two Switch which are A Manual Switch and an Automatic Switch (Seamless switch over)

Manual Switch 

Thus Manual Switch changeover the switch on the diesel generator and manually we want to convert the power On the Generator when the a power shortage.

Automatic Switch 

This switch is called the seamless switchover. When the power shortage occurs this switch will automatically turn the generator ON.

This Both Switch is most commonly used in many diesel generators nowadays. 

The backup power is important at the same time how the generator acts to the power shortage is super important.

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