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A diesel generator is used as backup power for many industries and businesses for emergencies. So buying a new generator is good for mining and hospitals. But Buyers want to know about the Specification of Diesel Generators before buying a generator and specification is the priority. However, Generator dealers in Chennai sell the branded generator but buyers should understand Specifications clearly before purchasing. In this article, we will guide you on some interesting topics about the Specification of Diesel Generators.

Definition of Kva, PF & KW.

It is more efficient and lasts longer when a diesel generator is used in the conditions for which it was designed. The following are the differences between kilowatts, kilovolt-amperes, and power factors:


Power generated by the generator is measured in kilowatts (kW), which is directly used by appliances and equipment in the building.


According to kVA, apparent power is measured in volt-amperes (VA). Motors and transformers draw real power (kW), as well as reactive power (kVAR). A load and a power source are connected in a loop, so reactive power isn’t consumed.

power factor

It is the ratio of real to apparent power. The power factor of a building that consumes 900kW and 1000kVA is 0.90, or 90 percent.

Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)

It is required that the generator control cubicle and MTS panel, which are mounted separately, be made of vermin-proof sheet steel and have lockable front doors. Should be provided with full load circuit breakers and manual transfer switch (+10 percent overload).

Frequency Variation

The engine speed is being maintained to the frequency variation at constant load within 1% of the rated frequency.

Fuel System

The minimum capacity of a fuel system is 900 liters. The fuel system is designed as the spelling of fuel and hand pump.

A fuel pump powered by the engine shall be used to deliver the fuel. A fuel filter element that can be replaced must be located in a convenient location to facilitate service. A complete set of supports, gauges and connecting pipework must accompany the daily service tank. All connections should be sealed with a pipe sealant.

DG ModelsRating(KVA)Engine ModelNo of CylindersCooling SystemDoor TypeApproximate Dry Weight of DG set (Kg)
5 KVA515LD440-GSI21AirSD225
7.5kVA62185GM-C22Water CooledSL800
10kVA82185GM-C22Water CooledSL800
15kVA122205GM-C22Water CooledSL800
30kVA243445TCIGM-C23Water CooledDD950
40kVA324575TCIGM-C24Water CooledDD1000
50kVA404725GM-C24Water CooledDD1250
60KVA504725GM-C24Water CooledDD1250
82.5KVA6682.5 KVA Mech CPCB II4Water CooledDD1700
100KVA80100 KVA Mech CPCB II4Water CooledDD1720
125KVA100125 KVA Mech CPCB II6Water CooledDD1866

What are the first priorities for buying a diesel generator?. As we said on top of this blog. Yes, Suitable diesel generators With the best specification are the first priorities for industries and businesses, the best recommendation is to ask the best Generator dealers in Chennai.

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